• 2014-01-17T18:06:49.471-08:00

    Summer time

     Grandma Joyce-8
    In Mid January, It's fun to remember that once there was a nice summer last year and hopefully a nice summer to come. This environmental portrait of Joyce was done last July  with her favorite flowers in the foregroundWarm summer smells all around. Not a bad way to spend a day!
  • 2014-01-16T20:04:28.292-08:00


    We have had the chance to photograph Brad as he as progressing thru his Martial Arts training. Our goal here was to create a portrait that is unique for Brad and one he could display proudly. We photographed Brad in the studio with the goal of compositing him into a different background. We then did a little Photoshop magic using techniques made popular by Woody Walters to get the effect you see here.
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